This little bottle of yellow liquid can cost almost $1,400 per month, if not covered by insurance.  

This little bottle of yellow liquid can cost almost $1,400 per month, if not covered by insurance. 

Mepron--lovingly referred to as "liquid gold" (due to its color and high cost)--is a drug widely used for Malaria.  One of its lesser known uses, however, is to treat Babesia. 

Although the bright yellow medicine looks intimidating, it doesn't taste nearly as bad as I imagined.  A small win, but a win nonetheless! 

Mepron should always be a "side dish" to a fatty meal: think eggs, peanut butter, etc. Trust me, you don't want to skip a meal and take this medicine!  You will be in for a world of stomach pain. 

Because I have to take Mepron twice a day, it means that I have to find a way to take it at work, on the run and on vacation.  But, Mepron comes in a large bottle and carries a hefty price tag if you ever lose it or spill it and need to replace it.  I knew I needed to find a way to make Mepron more travel-friendly!

My solution was to pour some of the Mepron in a clean glass jar.  With my new jar I no longer have to carry the entire bottle of Mepron at once and allows me to leave some at work so that I do not have to carry it back and forth.  As an unintended benefit, the large mouth allowed me to more easily get the medicine out of the jar with an oral medication syringe.

Finally, I added a pretty label to make taking my daily dose of liquid gold just the tiniest bit less depressing!  I purchased the jar from Fish Eddies in NYC and the syringe from Walgreens.

If you have other helpful hints about Mepron, let me know!