I have a love-hate relationship with Manhattan.  I blame this, in part, on the fact that everyone (myself included) is always busy.  This means my medicine must be capable of coming with me on the go!

I spend more money on convenience--sending my laundry out, Uber and food delivery--than anything else. This means that I can't be bothered to take 87 pills twice a day without a system that allows me to manage Lyme on the go or in a rush.

In the past, I used a large weekly pill box that distinguished between AM and PM.  But, every time I threw it in my purse the little lids would pop open and spill my medicine every where.  The box was also inconvenient when I had to take medicine away from the house and made planning my medicines for more than a week at a time impossible. 

One day at Walgreens I ran across little plastic pill bags--they are genius!  I label the day and whether they are for AM and PM.  I usually make two weeks worth of bags at a time and keep them in a little box. 

They are so convenient when I need to take them to a dinner at a restaurant or when I am rushing to work because I can easily toss them in my purse or coat jacket.  In addition, they are great for traveling and for planning ahead of time!  Finally, they are much less burdensome when I spend the night at someone else's house because I can just take two days worth as opposed to the whole week!

Have any interesting tips of your own? I'd love to hear them!